How long will it take for my credit to improve?

Depending on your credit report and standings, would determine how long
credit repair would take. If it was up to my company, we would remove your
items ASAP, however, since we are dealing with collection agencies, creditors
& the credit bureaus, we have to give them 35-45 days for a response, in
some cases, they may ask for 60.

When will my score increase?

Remember, it is Credit Profile vs. Credit Score.

Removing some accounts can cause your credit score to decrease. That is
okay, you can rebuild your credit score, your credit profile is what matters
the most to lenders. Having multiple charge offs, late payments, collections,
etc. is not a good look to lenders.

Typically clients see changes in their credit score/credit profile within
the first 45 days, however, that is not the result for everyone. During the 180
day (6 month)

I do not provide quotes or promises of deletions or credit score
increases, but we aggressively fight with the collection agencies and credit
bureaus to remove any inaccurate information being reported through the several
consumer laws.

While in the program, can I run my

While it may be tempting to run your credit during this process, it is
advised not to. If you have a reason to, please ensure you message me through
the portal and we will discuss options.

 Can you help me fix my credit if I want to do it on my own?

Yes! I have free resources provided to help guide you through the process. Please check out the DIY section!